Use of personal data

Tukirahoitus Oy (Tukirahoitus) handles personal data in accordance with the legislation and principles on privacy protection and bank secrecy. Tukirahoitus is a subsidiary owned by Nordea Finance Finland Ltd (Nordea Finance). It is part of the Nordea Bank AB (publ) group (Nordea Group).

Customer information

Tukirahoitus has a common description of customer data file with Nordea Bank AB (publ) and certain companies belonging to the same group. Customer data is processed in the operations of Tukirahoitus and when providing services and managing the customer relationship. Data is also used to develop business operations and products and for marketing directed at customers and for targeting services. In addition, the data is processed in order to comply with requirements related to risk management and customer identification. The Know Your Customer information and other personal information collected from the customer may be used for preventing, investigating and uncovering money laundering and terrorist financing, and for raising an official investigation into the money laundering, terrorist financing and the crime with which the property or the criminal benefit related to money laundering or terrorist financing has been obtained.

Data is acquired from the persons themselves or their representatives, from public registers maintained by authorities or other reliable public sources, and from registers containing information on payment defaults. If the service or product so requires, the credit information may be checked from the credit information register. Tukirahoitus may record phone conversations and save e-mails in an effort to confirm their contents when necessitated by circumstances or the service situation.

Customer register. The description of file is also available at branch offices of Nordea Bank AB (publ), Finnish Branch.

Information on representatives of partners

Personal data on the representatives of Tukirahoitus Oy's partners may be saved in connection with vendor or stakeholder cooperation. Personal data is saved for instance on contact persons or on persons registered as users of Tukirahoitus Oy's online service or as newsletter subscribers. Personal data handled includes identification data and contact information of the person, along with information on the transactions in the services provided by Tukirahoitus for its partners.

Data is handled in connection with cooperative activities for the management of the service provided to the partner and for the instructing and informing of representatives. Data may also be used for marketing directed at representatives and for targeting services. Data is collected from the persons themselves, from partners and from registers maintained by authorities or from other reliable public sources.

Register of partners' representatives . The description of file is common to Nordea Finance and to companies belonging to the same group with it.

Information on website users

Tukirahoitus may collect, process and analyse data about the usage, traffic and events on websites it manages. Data collected and analysed may include IP address, browser type (Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, etc.), operating system, terminal device and pages visited by the person.

Statistics acquired on website usage is handled in order to ensure the technical implementation of the website and to improve electronic services. The data is used to understand the user experience and needs of website users. Data is utilised for developing the website and services and for marketing. Traffic data is data that can be associated with visitors to the internet pages and that is handled in communications networks for the purpose of transmitting, distributing or providing messages and of analysing data. Tukirahoitus may use subcontractors for handling the data.

Information on users registered to the website or providing feedback

If the website user registers to the website, subscribes to newsletters or sends e.g. feedback, enquiry or enrolment forms, personal data of the user is saved. Personal data saved include identification data and contact information of the person, along with information necessary to deal with the action in question.

Data is handled in order to fulfil requests, process feedback or execute corresponding actions. Data may also be used for marketing and targeting services – for instance, a newsletter subscriber may be sent offers. Data is acquired from the persons themselves.

Website user register. The description of file is common to Nordea Finance and to companies belonging to the same group with it.

Disclosure of information and rights related to the processing of personal data

Tukirahoitus is responsible for the data collected. Tukirahoitus may, within the restrictions of legislation, disclose personal data to and obtain such data from companies based in Finland or abroad which belong to the same group or economic interest group. In addition, information may be disclosed to the authorities. When necessary, customer information may also be disclosed to third parties, such as guarantors and, with the customer's approval, to the vendor of the product.

Tukirahoitus may use subcontractors to handle the data and host the website and other services.

The person has the right to check the personal data recorded. The inspection request must be in writing and signed by the person him/herself. The person's identity is authenticated before any information is disclosed.

Any recorded data found incorrect will be corrected upon written request by the person. Tukirahoitus also updates data on its own initiative.

The person also has the right to prohibit the use of their data for the purposes of e.g. direct advertising, distance marketing or other direct marketing as well as of market surveys and opinion polls. Electronic direct marketing is targeted only at persons who have permitted it.