General terms and conditions for using the website

Scope of application

Read these terms and conditions carefully before you visit Tukirahoitus Oy's website. By visiting this website, you also accept the terms and conditions below as binding on you. In addition to these terms and conditions, special terms and conditions may apply to the services used via the website (such as the online service and electronic signing service).

Service providers

Tukirahoitus Oy (Tukirahoitus) is a subsidiary owned by Nordea Finance Finland Ltd. It is part of the Nordea Bank AB (publ) group (Nordea Group). In addition to the services provided by Tukirahoitus, this website may include services provided by other companies belonging to the Nordea Group. All the companies belonging to the Nordea Group may be hereinafter referred to as the service provider. Information on the Nordea Group and the companies belonging to it is available at

Information on the main service provider

Business Identity Code
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Tukirahoitus Oy
Helsinki, Finland
Kirkkokatu 21 B, 90100 Oulu
+358 9 163 64380

Other service providers

On this website, customers may also be offered services provided by other service providers inside the Nordea Group or by an external service provider. Information about such service providers is given in the service agreement or in some other notice published by the service provider.

The contents of the service and this website are delivered "without engagement and as is". The service provider does not grant any guarantee for the website or its contents. The service provider reserves the right to update or close the website at any time. The service provider is not liable for any cost, loss or damage arisen from using these services even if the service provider or its representative had been aware of a malfunction in the service.

Limitations concerning users and the pursuing of legal action

The information given on this website cannot in any circumstances be considered a solicitation to buy or sell or a recommendation by any service provider, unless otherwise notified. The same applies to all jurisdictions where the law does not allow presenting offers, solicitations or recommendations. This website and the information included in it have been directed exclusively to Finland, unless expressly agreed on or notified otherwise. Similarly, the information provided on this website cannot in any circumstances be considered an offer binding on its supplier, unless expressly notified otherwise. The information on this website is not an offer to sell or buy securities or other financial instruments or an advice or a solicitation to execute such measures, unless otherwise agreed separately. Legal action pursued with Tukirahoitus is always based on a separate service agreement.

Information provided by third parties

The links on this website are intended as informational only. The service provider is not responsible for any information provided or published by a third party which may be opened via a link in this website. At its own website the owner of the link shall give the information required by law on itself. The service provider shall not be responsible if this information is missing or deficient.

Internet e-mail

The users of the website are reminded that the confidentiality of e-mail messages sent over a public network cannot be guaranteed. The users should not forward personal data or other confidential messages to Tukirahoitus via e-mail. Tukirahoitus and other service providers are not liable to execute orders or service requests submitted via unencrypted e-mail. Tukirahoitus is entitled, if requested by the customer, to provide general information via e-mail to the e-mail address defined by the customer. Tukirahoitus is not liable for any damage arising from messages sent over a public network.

Immaterial rights

Companies belonging to the Nordea Bank AB (publ) Group or other specified parties have the title and copyright (c), along with all other immaterial rights of the website. All rights have been reserved in all countries. Publishing, reproducing, transferring or storing the contents of this website, in whole or part, is prohibited without the consent of the holder of the rights, except for storing on a computer or printing for personal use. The material may be quoted in accordance with the Finnish Copyright Act (404/1961). When quoting the material, the source of information must always be provided. However, trademarks or brands included on the website may not be copied, published or distributed without written permission from Tukirahoitus.

Applicable law

These terms and conditions are governed by Finnish law.